The store is entirely orientated towards our customer’s look, from the fine details to the overall final image. It will be our pleasure to have you as our guests in an evocative location, with highly qualified experts dedicated to taking care of your every need.

A deluxe environment dedicated to offering a variety of services: from ladies’ hair styling to the barber corner for men, beard and hair treatments accompanied with relaxing treatment therapies, from make-up to manicures and pedicures, eyelash extensions, skincare and medical beauty treatments.

The jewel in our crown, for those who require more privacy, is our VIP suite; an independent area specifically reserved for the most intimate experience. A completely exclusive environment, which includes independent external access. In the VIP suite we offer hair treatments, skincare treatments, manicures, pedicures and more, in a relaxing oasis which offers a truly memorable experience.

A senior professional will also be exclusively available to the guest.

A dream VIP suite; a great gift idea.


Sebastiano Attardo established the Italian brand IMAGO 16 years ago. He started his career when he was very young and both enthusiasm and professionalism inspire him to constantly aim for a higher standard. With two decades of experience in the Fashion, Show and TV businesses, and after working side by side with specialists of both national and international levels, he selected the very best in order to create an exclusive format dedicated to professional hair stylists that doesn’t stop with hair care, but works towards the perfect execution of a personalized total look.

This format is expressed daily with his customers and offers a real boost to their self-esteem, allowing them start loving themselves, leave the fear of change behind them and build up the courage to decide, starting from their image. The secret is to give true value back to the look in both everyday life and work, because liking oneself not only elevates moods but helps establish relationships.
The doors to his tenth store are now open, which boasts a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. In addition to this, he has also opened his doors to young, emerging fashion stylists who are looking for a prestigious window to showcase their work.

team member



The store will be composed of a retail area dedicated to fashion: from clothing to accessories, shoes and perfume, through to jewellery and handbags. A selection of unique pieces made by young fashion designers.

The fusion of beauty and fashion in one location, made possible by both professionals and young emerging talents alike, will give to Milan a new space; one of a kind in vision and services. 
IMAGO, the world of beauty in one place.